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One of my favourites thus far. Incredible.
Kosal’s website, for those of you interested, is

The Tuk-Tuk Sessions are still kicking along and you can view them all here.

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Two announcements:
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Tuk-Tuk Sessions

Tuk-Tuk Sessions Website

2. Mum and Dad, I’ve met someone…

Stu and Al

Me and my new love

He makes my Mexican toes curl.

Allan's mexican toes

My mexican toes

I have writer’s block.
It’s hurting my brain.

Allan's brain exploding

My brain exploding

Goodbye cruel world.

Watching the sun fall over the river, beer in hand, life was pretty damn good. “Best Sunday ever” was heard trickling across the water. It was a golden period.

The first ever Tuk Tuk sessions had just been completed. The boys knew they had a number one, in fact I told them, “boys, congratulations, you’ve just recorded your first number one.”
Maybe it was youthful exuberance. Maybe it was sheer luck.
They kept astounding me, pushing for new sounds.
Hunstman had the idea of recording a thousand monks of the feet of Mt. Everest. Al had recently heard a high pitch trumpet during a Royal performance and wanted to incorporate it into their next single.

What we were not to know is just how big the Tuk Tuk sessions were to become. So big in fact that the boys withdrew into themselves creating even more profound music.
At that point I couldn’t see a time where they’d stop progressing as artists.

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