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Many of you are (still!) not aware of the reasons why I returned to Cambodia and Friends-International. Many of you are certainly not aware of the work Friends-International carries out, not only within Cambodia and South East Asia, but the American regions also.

This video, produced by PBS News Hour America is the most extensive and informative piece I’ve seen in my time here at Friends.

Many of you have been lucky enough to dine at the restaurants run by Friends and have received/purchased gifts made by parents of street children here in Cambodia and Laos. You have all helped contribute to the programs of Friends and I want to say ‘thank you’.

I’m feeling especially fortunate to be working here after viewing this video. At times it’s easy to forget the great work of Friends.

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A lot of you back home have asked me plenty of questions about what it’s like to be out in the field. Well, watch this for a darn good sanpshot.

This short episode from a documentary series focusing on Australians in the developing world focuses on Aaron, my good mate here in Cambodia. Don’t let his mild manner fool you in this video.  The man is an animal (in a good way) and very passionate about his work.

While I have been fortunate to travel with the Friends outreach teams on a number of occasions, Aaron spent a year based in Sisophon, Banteay Meanchey Province near the Thailand border.

It’s a very long way from Phnom Penh. Think of it like being in the field every day.

In Sisophon Aaron worked with the NGO Women Organization for Modern Economy and Nursing (WOMEN) as a Technical Advisor supporting programs in HIV/AIDS prevention and care; child rights and protection; and climate change adaptation. This role was originally part of his AYAD assignment, long before I was accepted into the program.

Aaron has immersed himself in the local culture which helps him enormously with his role. He speaks fluent Khmer and has just recently landed a UN Volunteer position with the UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) helping to implement the Community Based Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

Aaron is a fantastic bloke who I’m extremely proud of.

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And to top things off, I was forwarded this article yesterday which gives a good insight into the challenges and rewards of living an expat life in a developing country.

10 Important Life Lessons You Learn From Living Aboard.
Worth the quick read.

Watching the sun fall over the river, beer in hand, life was pretty damn good. “Best Sunday ever” was heard trickling across the water. It was a golden period.

The first ever Tuk Tuk sessions had just been completed. The boys knew they had a number one, in fact I told them, “boys, congratulations, you’ve just recorded your first number one.”
Maybe it was youthful exuberance. Maybe it was sheer luck.
They kept astounding me, pushing for new sounds.
Hunstman had the idea of recording a thousand monks of the feet of Mt. Everest. Al had recently heard a high pitch trumpet during a Royal performance and wanted to incorporate it into their next single.

What we were not to know is just how big the Tuk Tuk sessions were to become. So big in fact that the boys withdrew into themselves creating even more profound music.
At that point I couldn’t see a time where they’d stop progressing as artists.

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Too lazy to write a post, I recorded this moments before leaving to Rabbit Island.
Since then my blog has been removed from it’s server but reinstalled. Phew.

Very hedonistic post from Video Beta.

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